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Construction Security Services International (CSSI) is a global construction security consulting company that started up in 2007. Our services include providing cleared and un-cleared construction Site Security Personnel (SSP) to general contractors, builders and US Government agencies. We can provide threat analysis, construction security training, operational planning, construction emergency response planning, project vulnerability assessments, and technical security services. The services we provide were developed by the US Government at their secure construction sites around the world in response to a real need. Over the years we developed extensive experience in this field and now bring that experience to the private sector. We can also provide you with cleared Site Security Coordinators (SSCs), Cleared American Guards (CAGs), and Construction Surveillance Technicians (CSTs) with diverse backgrounds from successful careers in construction industry, the military, law enforcement, national defence, emergency response, and information technology in support of your construction project. Many of our employees have lived and worked abroad including high threat areas and can apply their experience to your construction projects no matter how large.Large construction projects face a growing threat. They face increasing liability due to pilferage, IT compromise, and soft targeting. As the dollar values climb so do the threats against them. Planning is key… to any large construction project being completed on time and on budget.

Plan wisely.



We are an experienced construction security service for companies who are concerned about their sensitive construction sites and special projects which may be in a location that has many threats. We provide construction surveillance will help you prepare and plan accordingly for such threats.



As a security service with over 15 years of international construction security experience in all environments we can help you with your construction surveillance objectives so that your management actions achieve sustainable results.


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